Thursday, March 29, 2007

Malcolm's booties

I finished the booties and they still fit on the dude's little feet.

What happy relief.

I used the "stay on booties" pattern from Melanie Falick's book Knitting for Baby.

The sky blue and tangerine orange Manos del Urugay Stria 100% cotton yarn is a dream to work with. It is sooo soft and the colors are absolutely delicious.
Booties, books, and a bootiful morning!

knitting with mom

This doesn't happen very often, but Malcolm was content to sit on my lap while I worked a few rounds on his booty. How sweet is his tongue? In this moment he is really trying to figure it out.

Friday, March 23, 2007

projects brewing...

I should really finish these booties for Malcolm before his feet get too big. The first one was done before he was born, after sitting untouched for over 9 months I am now starting booty #2. He does have two feet after all.

How about a tote bag make-over for Spring?

I'm going to need something to wear for graduation and these poke-a-dots (from my grandma) need to be made into a skirt. Hmmm...

Would you like them in a house?

Dave graduates from medical school this May which means that our 4 years in New York are coming to an end. Just one week ago we drove out to Cleveland Ohio (where we matched for a seven year residency) to see what we could do about finding a place to live. After driving 8 hours to Ohio, looking at 40 houses over the course of two days, and driving another 8 hours back to New York, my head was spinning and my rear end aching. With the help of our amazing realtor we put an offer on the house we liked best and after just a little back and forth, it was accepted! All this in just one week. There are still a few more steps to go, but ahhh! A house, wow! It will be quite a change from the space we are in now (although it has served us very well). Bye, bye purple industrial carpet, hello more than one drawer in the kitchen! And guess what? It has a porch, a beautiful front porch. Did you know that I love to sit on the porch? Pictured above is the mail box (I think).

Little Malcolm was such a trooper.

This is Malcolm telling us he is "all done" looking at houses.

This is Malcolm after some carrots for lunch with a helping of tender-loving-care.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh, deer!


I was on the phone with my neighbor and she said, "wow, look out the window". This is what I saw.

How's that for a cool morning?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

scrub pot

Look what came in the mail yesterday.

It's a scrub pot! My aunt Paula made it for the clever purpose of holding soapy water when washing dishes. This is actually scrub pot #2. I was devastated when by accident our 1st one fell to the floor and broke. We don't have a dish washer and we used it EVERY DAY. Working with such a nice piece of pottery while doing the dishes sure sweetens the chore.

Luckily, Paula had made a batch of these pots so when she heard of our loss she sent me a new one. I am so happy about it. I love the ridges and the detail on the rim makes me think of pie crust. I am so greatly blessed by Paula's pottery. Just wait till I post about her beautiful bowls.

Monday, March 12, 2007

porch day

Today was good for two reasons.
1. It was nice enough outside to sit on my porch.
2. While sitting on my poarch I wrote a letter.
Spring is coming. My wrist is feeling better.
I couldn't ask for much more than that.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

pocket cookbook

I needed to come up with a project for the Young Women's activity this week. They said they wanted to cook, so we made sugar cookies and these pocket cookbooks. I think they turned out pretty cute and now they have a place to start their collection of favorite recipes.

I like the way it makes the recipes I love accessible. It also motivates me to collect more and try out new things. For me it seems like desserts are easier to come up with than main dishes. For dinner Dave and I rotate through something pasta, something chicken, and variations on baked potatoes quite often. I think it's time to branch out. I know it would help if I started to think about dinner before I got hungry.

So this is the BEST caramel popcorn EVER. It's my friend Annie's mom's recipe. Make it, and share it with all your friends, you won't be sorry.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Malcolm's hat

Thanks, Mom, for knitting up this sweet hat for Malcolm. It still fits his growing head. He wears it everyday.

spice cardigan

It's finished! It is hard to believe, but true.
I started this project (my first sweater) about 3 years ago. It has sat in my bin just needing buttons for about a year and a half. Why did this take me so long? Well I have a few ideas.

This was my 1st big knitting project. It was slow going. I started a few times and pulled out a few rows. The yarn was a bit of a challenge. I think I was drawn to it for the color, "spice" - it made me feel all warm inside - and the light texture was an interesting flax and wool blend. Its tag said "Soft Spun Yarns for Knitters" and on the back it said "A very soft spun yarn - Handle with care!". Which means to say that if you pull too hard or your tension is too tight your yarn will simply tear in two. Is the beauty of the yarn worth all that? Well it might be hard for me to say, but now that I am a few years removed from the grief of my yarn breaking mid-row...I guess it turned out all right. While I was working on the cardigan many baby booties, scarves, and wash clothes achieved completion. These quick projects were many times a welcome distraction from the color "spice" as it was starting to leave a stale taste in my mouth and on my needles. This project also sat untouched while I was pregnant. I just couldn't bring myself to work on it if I knew it wouldn't fit. But really, when it comes to FINISHING I think I have some underlying issues that I am working on. 1. When I finish something, its worth is vulnerable to judgment. Not so much from others, but from myself, its creator who has invested time, money, and energy. Is it good? Do I want to "wear" it? Is it quality? Or do I just have to console myself that at least it was "a learning experience." 2. I get stuck. There are times when run into a problem and instead of working through it at a reasonable pace, I stop and remove myself from the obstacle. I think a little space is fine, but then it becomes a "looming project" and the longer it looms, the darker and heavier it gets. I want to go to the yarn shop - start something new, but no I should and finish what I've started. This is the struggle. 3. Do I feel that I "need" - like a security blanket - these projects that I start with such enthusiasm and possibility, then stop, sit, and wait? Do I find comfort in this? 4. And then there is time, days can fill up with such busyness. I like to think that I am learning how to better balance what I do with my time.

But look at this! It's finished! I am happy about that. In fact, I wore it on Sunday and again today. It's March, but still sweater weather in New York. I have found that I have to check myself from being to critical of it and instead just enjoy wearing it. I would like to thank my friend Sara who helped me pull it out again to finish it. She came over to my house intending to finish one of her stalled creations - a hat - and I decided to revisit the cardigan. And yippie for Sara, she finished that hat. It's a good feeling.
I used the pattern from the book "Hip to Knit" and I bought the yarn from the wonderful Flying Fingers Yarn Shop.