Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 14th

here's to planning...

_ parade ...check

_ wwkip ...check

malcolm's helping. here's his message to you


m,mmmnnnnnnnv vvv ,/

How to wear a wool sweater vest, in June...

1. Live in Cleveland
2. Wait for a cold snap
3. Have sweater on hand, especially mornings and evenings when you have a chance that it might be cool

We got our cold snap, lucky for me, and the boy got to wear his sweater vest a few times last week. I did not knit it vain. I'm not sure that it will fit come fall weather, we'll see. It is especially adorable with his white collar shirt. He likes it. He proclaims "handsome" every time I pull it over his head. It would have been nice to have finished it back in April, but sometimes life isn't like that. I finished, hurray. He wore it more than once, hurray. Life is like that and I am happy.

I used the cable vest pattern you can download from lionbrand.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm back, well, sort of, soon...
Just trying to create some order out of disorder. I need some good tunes wouldn't you say?


it nearly did me in, BUT,
the floors are finished!
good job Dave & friends, what were we thinking???, it's been nearly a year long process, they look amazing though, AND no more walking on plastic!!!

We will be moving the furniture back in soon. I'm excited, and a little overwhelmed at putting our home*sweet*home back together again - could someone please send over all the king's horses and all the king's men?

Things are looking up...
- our car is back and fixed
- I am sleeping in my own bed again (We've been all around while the floors got their finishing treatments - a Bed and Breakfast, the neighbor on the corner's guest room, and the Holiday Inn Express. We are still eating takeout in the attic.)
- my sister Hillary is here

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

trying to plan my June 14th

Did you know that June 14th is World Wide Knit in Public (WWKiP) Day? I just found this out because I happened to check in with my former local yarn shop. My sister will be in town and the big plan for that day is Parade the Circle - which - is not to be missed, so my brain is spinning of ways that I still be part of the WWKiP action. There isn't anyone hosting nearby, and since I have parade plans, I may just have wear one of these pins, carry around my knitting to the festivities, and maybe host a small KiP with my sister on my front porch or park in the afternoon/early evening. If you are in the Cleveland area and this sounds fun, let me know, I'm game. For everyone else, go to wwkip and find a host near you.

{last year's Parade the Circle: stilts, big bobble heads, masks... you get the idea}

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Go Slow

Note to self:

*Watch for that hydrant on the end of the driveway. Go slow, go slow. The car is in the shop waiting to get a new front bumper. Let that be your lesson. Go slow, go slow.

*Also, careful to not be carried away by all the inspiration at the newly discovered MyCrafty.com ... Here are two things that caught my eye.

I'm in love with this piece, and truthfully most of her pieces, by Sarah Faulkner.

This heart pin looks very doable and is also free downloadable from the book Closely Knit by Hannah Fettig.

In other thoughts, I am amazed that it is already JUNE! What? How can this be? I'm still finishing Malcolm's sweater vest! Can he wear a wool sweater vest in June? Well, maybe in Cleveland. Here's hoping for a chilly spell for a least a few days. Today is on the cooler/cloudier side. It really is sooo close to being done, I just have to do the edging. Maybe if I pick up the needles now while he is napping I can wrap it up.