Saturday, December 29, 2007

Helmet Hat

Last month, after all the Thanksgiving festivities, I sat down and knit this hat for Malcolm. It only took me two days which I'm pretty proud of because sometimes these things stay on the needles for a long time. It was getting cold out and the little guy needed something so that was very motivating. It also helped that I already had the yarn (from the stash) and the pattern (from one of the Interweave Knits magazines - I don't know where it is now so I couldn't tell you the issue). The idea of this "helmet hat" is that the ear flaps cup the ears without the need of ties under the chin. I must have made it a little too big because it tends to slide around on the little guy's head. This week I plan to add some ties and that should help.
By the way Gymboree sells some awesome bubbles. My friend Sarah let me in on that piece of magic.

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