Wednesday, October 29, 2008

of paint-chips, poetry, and pie

If you hoard paint-chips like I do, here's something to do with friends. It's a Poetry Night, but don't tell them that. Bribe them with pie, they will come for the pie even if it is on very short notice.

Set out a cup full of scissors, a cup full of glue sticks, a cup full of pens, a dictionary, a basket full of paint-chips, and another basket full of blank or pretty paper. When friends come, invite them to create a poem (for pie won't be sliced until they do).

In no time there will be cutting, gluing, shouting out of words like "Silence", "Periwinkle Bud", "Cheerful Hue", "Crispy Gingersnap", "Theatre Lights", and "Serene Journey". There will also be the prettiest mess you ever did see.

Once the poetry is alive and underway, take a moment to present the pies.

After all that rolling, filling, pealing, whipping, and baking, pies should be presented before they are sliced. Now everyone is invited to dish up at their convenience. There will be lots of "mmm-hum-mms".

Believe it our not, but everyone will want to share their poem.

The poems are to be read to a captive pie-eating/enjoying audience. Provide a candle and matches at the designated reading spot so that the candle can be lit during the reading and blown out at the conclusion of each poem. Instead of clapping, snap fingers. There will be much gladness.


The Ison Family said...


I'm so glad that I found your blog. It has been way too long since I've last seen you or even talked to you for that matter. Looks like things are going well. =)

Maria (Mackay incase you didn't know)

Jen I said...

Love it.

Jessie said...

Only Sarah could invent such an event. So cool, clever, and yummy.