Wednesday, December 3, 2008

numbered bags

I managed to knock some sense into myself and I am not going to be making 25 new ornaments for the advent. I'll just make a few and steal the rest from the tree. I am sewing 25 of these bags though. It's a good thing I can look into the future and see many years of December use ahead. It's one of those things you do once. I'm using the reverse sides of fabric remnants for the bags. You know the samples from fabric books? I got some (for free) when we lived in NY and Dave thought I was mildly crazy for ripping out and hording away all these squares of fabric. Now look, I've given them a new life after all.

I'm glad I realized I could stamp the numbers. Check out my 1st bag.

Imagine cutting and stitching all those numbers. That would have been bad - and the bags (among other Christmas things) wouldn't have gotten done, and I would have felt mildly crazy.

Tonight's song is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". I like singing the "comfort and joy, comfort and joy" part.

In other news Cleveland was sunny for the 1st half of the day, and that was happy.
(Also, old news, the room that was to be painted yellow changed it's mind and got painted blue - blue like a sunny day sort of blue. And I like it.)


Jen I said...

Knock some sense into yourself. You're too funny. While I read your blog and think - wow, that's a lot of work, I've learned to just support you in all of your grand schemes. :) Because then I read your mantra of keep it simple, and think, well, it's either simple for her (which it would NOT be for me!), or she'll probably be able to put the brakes on herself when it is too much. The bags look great! Maybe you can just add a few ornaments a year that you make and one day have all 25.

Annie said...

I like the stamp. What a great idea. I always want to buy little pieces of fabric, but resist because I'm not sure how I'd use them. Well, now I have one idea.

Ammie said...

I think reusing ornaments you have is a great idea. Love the baggies, too!

Jenilee said...

They look great. I am sure there are years of fun and many memories to come.

sarah gann said...

I love the number 2 bag. The fabric is lovely.