Monday, June 15, 2009

a full day

Saturday was great:

*being together as a family, hurray for Dave's Day Off

*farmers market....strawberries

*treasure hunting at a yard sale...I found a treasure and a project for $15.


I love how in this picture we are all wearing essentially the same hat. The green and yellow stripey that I'm working on was started for Malcolm when he was a baby. He grew faster than I knit. I should have it done before the one on the way arrives.


*BBQ (one in which we were invited, I did no cooking, just brought strawberries and enjoyed)

*movie night: Jane Austen's Persuasion, because I don't think I'll get the book read in time for book club this week. I'm sure it wasn't his first choice, but he still enjoyed it with me, Dave is the BEST.


Jen I said...

And I love that you are the youngest by about 30 years!

Marianne said...

I was going to say the same as Jen. Looks like fun.

Ammie said...

haha! That is a great pic. I do love those hats. (And I loved the parade, too. You got a fun pic!)

Annie said...

You look lovely!

Julie said...

I'm so happy that you are a knitter. You are also adorable.