Thursday, May 29, 2008

wood you be my friend?

I painted these wooden doll pins to be play people for Malcolm about a month ago. They have eventually evolved faces, but otherwise they remain very simple in nature.

When I first conceived the idea to make these my thoughts were going all out: hair, clothes, personality. But when I finally sat down one afternoon with the paints and pins, I gave myself some guidelines: keep it simple, and finish before M'boy wakes from nap. Because, I knew if I didn't they might never happen. Keep it doable. I didn't worry too much about perfection - partly because the sponge brush I was working with wouldn't have allowed for it and partly because perfection was not the point.

We are having some fun playing with them. This morning Malcolm was feeding them "eggs for breakfast". Some times he uses them as drum sticks, sometimes he covers their heads with a singe red mega block (this probably needs a picture for you to get the idea), and sometimes he puts them to bed and then says "wakeup".

Side note, one week ago today Dave and I celebrated 5 years. Just as marvelous and mysterious as witnessing a fern unfurl. Love you Dave.


Linda said...

Sarah, I think you are the ''mommy" I wish I had been.I love you and miss you soooo much! Mom

Jessie said...

As always, an adorable idea and adaptation. Your Boy is a lucky one.

And Happy Anniversary! That's right, you guys were just after us, and we babysat Miriam so Annie could go! Fun memory.

Auds Beck said...

if all kids could have a mom like you the world would be such a great place to live!! You are AWESOME!!!!:)

Natalie Sue said...

These are SO cute! Malcolm is just about the luckiest guy I know to have you for a mommy!