Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Go Slow

Note to self:

*Watch for that hydrant on the end of the driveway. Go slow, go slow. The car is in the shop waiting to get a new front bumper. Let that be your lesson. Go slow, go slow.

*Also, careful to not be carried away by all the inspiration at the newly discovered MyCrafty.com ... Here are two things that caught my eye.

I'm in love with this piece, and truthfully most of her pieces, by Sarah Faulkner.

This heart pin looks very doable and is also free downloadable from the book Closely Knit by Hannah Fettig.

In other thoughts, I am amazed that it is already JUNE! What? How can this be? I'm still finishing Malcolm's sweater vest! Can he wear a wool sweater vest in June? Well, maybe in Cleveland. Here's hoping for a chilly spell for a least a few days. Today is on the cooler/cloudier side. It really is sooo close to being done, I just have to do the edging. Maybe if I pick up the needles now while he is napping I can wrap it up.


the palfreymans said...

I am so glad you posted about Sarah Faulkner. Beautiful work. Loved her pieces.

Sorry about the car. :(

Natalie Sue said...

Oh darn.. so sorry abot your car!