Tuesday, July 29, 2008

live music, outside

{bagpipers. 4th of July flag ceremony. South Jordan, UT.}

{some jazzy band. the lady was a little much for me. Legacy Live, OH.}

For me, summer and outdoor music are perfectly paired, weather permitting of course. In our area we've been lucky to enjoy free, fresh air, musical entertainment at least once a week - sometimes two. Wade Oval Wednesday's and Legacy Live (weekends) have been regulars for us this summer. They other night as I listened to the live band and this woman singing "so glad we've made it!" and "I feel good! So good! I've got you!". I was somewhere between the need to dance or cry. Since only little kids were dancing at that point and I didn't want to make a scene, I found I could balance my composure with a little toe tapping and eye watering. Is that hormones or the profound effect of live music? (Probably a little of both for me on that particular night.) I love the way kids just move up close and dance to the music - it is so natural, not much thought goes into it, they just feel the beat. In this setting it is clear to see how much we "adults" tend to hold back. Only some of us start to dance after much encouragement from the band. But once we are up and moving aren't we so glad? We realize (or maybe it's just me) "I've been holding back, I want to really live." There is one senior couple, with clear ballroom background, who frequent L.L. just for the chance to dance. I love watching them. They seem so serious as they dance, but then I realize that they are just as uninhibited as the kids, they just mask it behind "technique". Malcolm who has been into all things "making music", namely drums, soaks it all in. He knows a saxophone from trombone and a base violin from a guitar, and he always has his eye on the drummer. I keep meaning to bring his shakers or rhythm sticks for him when we go out for the music. I'm sure he would like to play along. So, here's to summer, fresh air, music, and dancing. Go find some for yourself before summer's end.

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Natalie said...

Sarah- I'm so sad that we missed you when you came to Utah. I wasn't quite sure what days you were here. I'm sure you were very busy with family though! I love dancing too! The other day I went and saw "mama mia" (great show by the way!) and I just wanted to get up and dance. I too had to settle for a little toe tapping, leg bouncing! I miss the good old days when we could dance whenever wherever and had such a great time!