Monday, July 28, 2008

paint it white

Although I have big plans to paint the family/entry room a lovely yellow, the dining room a dashing orange, and the home office/computer nook a vibrant green,... I have been feeling very white. We got around to some painting this weekend and now my studio is ready for it's second coat of brilliant white. Bye, bye blah beige. (Can you tell I'm ready for it to go?) Why white? I think more than anything right now I am craving an open, clean canvas; an ordered and clear space for creating. Creating that includes sewing, drawing, printing, writing, knitting, painting, reading, and dreaming. My feeling is that white walls will allow color and imagination to freely play.

Maybe that is also why I chose to repaint this writing desk white. The only problem: it is going to disappear against my white wall. Hmmm. So, I am considering a light shade of something for that one wall. Any suggestions? We'll see.

Down in the entryway we have some new white too. This is an old typewriter desk I picked up from a yard sale last year. I refinished the top and gave it some fresh white legs. Nice, huh? The sides can fold out and I especially like the wheels. Inspired by reading The Creative Family, I think this will be our family nature table. For now though it holds my lovely fabric bowl and a cross-stitch by my sister-in-law Sara O. A.

More white:

We white washed these toy crates with watered down paint. I even let the boy get in on the action. They slide under a bench in the entry and give a crisp feel while keeping toys accessible and easy to stow.

Presently, white gives my mind a pleasant place to rest. We have more painting projects ahead and Dave gives me that smile when I say "let's paint it white".


Hatsuho said...

next time I come over I need a tour of your house-- looks great!

Jenilee said...

With all the changes, it sounds like it is time for another visit.