Monday, January 19, 2009

a great poem about lousy pie

I meant to post this way back, but I disremembered. Listen to how cool this is. Little did we know, but around the same time I was having a pie and poetry evening in OH, my friend in NY was having a pie and poetry experience all her own. She has gracefully given permission for me to share her poem.

Of Lousy Pie and Cellulite
a poem by Charlotte Mountain

Diner waitress, she’s pigeon-toed

Offers pie, it’s a-la-mode

Tight-lipped and frost-nipped

It was December or November

I disremember

Although I am no connoisseur

The pie it tasted quite impure

I needed quick a water-cure

Perhaps liqueur

I am unsure

Of pie, of ice cream

I don’t blaspheme

The taste of both was so oppressive

Aggressive, depressive and in-digestive

Diner waitress you bedlamite

Of lousy pie and cellulite


sarah gann said...

Wow. I'm clicking, I'm clicking.

Jen I said...

Ah, Charlotte. Glad you keep in touch.

Hatsuho said...

please tell your friend her poem was delicious to my mind! it has inspired me to read and write more poems!

Natalie Sue said...

Love it... especially "disremember"

Jessie said...

Funny. Mmm, pie sounds pretty good right now.

Wm. Gann said...

Oh, "disremember." My granny Gann's mother, who grew up basically on the road between Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado used to say that now and again. I suspect it's a bit of a regionalism.

She also used to say "misremember". They are two different words--to "disremember" is to have forgotten a fact. To "misremember" is to have a memory that is not true to the facts.

The more you know!