Friday, February 6, 2009

jump ropes

Dave drew the name of my nephew, who, how cool is this... is really into jump rope. Dave did all the work here. My favorite thing about this gift was that is was made using things that we already had. Oh, and, it's also my favorite because it's a jump rope. They are getting put to good use, I hear he takes them to school.


Ammie said...

Go Dave! My mom loves this, and this very moment is fantasizing about her childhood jump rope days.

sara said...

He actually goes to a jump rope class that is held before school. He really likes it and loves his new ropes. So do I! I wondered if Dave made them because of the text style and the boy scout knots and all. Thanks Dave.

Jenilee said...

Well done you two. You have inspired me to go more homemade next year for Christmas presents.