Friday, February 6, 2009

Squirrel follow up:

Here's the squirrel pic. I didn't want to get too close and possibly frighten the poor thing any more.

Yes, it was a sunny day when he left out home and I think he saw his shadow as he scampered up the tree. More winter, I know. But I kind of figured as much. I'm not too heart broken. I just keep telling myself "I love snow." Because really there is a part of me that does.

Yes, Natalie, I remember the mink farm, one got stuck in our window-well once.

Malcolm, he was mostly fine with the whole squirrel thing. I tried to play it really cool for him. Although, Dave made the mistake of telling him the squirrel was going to "eat mommy up". I made him take that back right away and assured Malcolm that squirrels only eat nuts and things like that - not people. (Dave.)

Yes, again, an "All the Way Home" moment.

And yes, I like squirrels. When they are outside, in trees, free.

The end. I hope.


Ammie said...

LOL. Seriosly! How many All the Way Home moments can one girl have?

Natalie Sue said...

I am finally getting caught up with blogs! And I absolutely love seeing all of your creations. You amaze me! What a lucky niece, nephew, son, husband, mom...and everyone else!
And geez, you had a mink in your window well too? Maybe everyone did at one point in time. Yucky. Glad that squirrel is gone. lol..and glad Malcolm was reassured that squirrels do not eat moms. :)