Friday, July 6, 2007

My Studio - setting up

It was a happy 4th.

Pancakes, picnic, and fireworks!

But in addition to all that, while Malcolm napped, I took the chance to work on "my studio". Before the move, I started journal dreaming about what my ideal workspace would be.

Now that dream is coming to life. This is so exciting to me.

I don't know how to move with out at least one room as the "catch all". That's what the spare room turned into. It was getting pretty scary. But since we moved here I knew that this was going to be my space.

The other half of the room, not pictured, still needs some attention, but I am tickled about how things are unfolding here. I moved up the yellow table from the basement laundry as a temporary working surface until I refinish the "find" (from the Isoms move) in the garage.

I love this corner. Isn't it the most beautiful place to type? It is where I am now and I will tell you that I love the light of the window coming in over my shoulder. I think this will be the place for a bulletin board. On the floor is my beloved "star box" from Annie made from the skilled hands of her husband, Spencer. Only good things are allowed to go in that box. The little table was free from some other friends moving. Sweet. So while I am enjoying this place of peace...

Let's not think about the mess in the hall.

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