Thursday, July 26, 2007

rock stacks

M woke up from his nap in a mood. We went outside. I did a little rock art. M had fun knocking them down. It was quite relaxing.


Jen I said...

Hey, what's up? I just realized you have TWO blogs! I've only been looking at the one! This must be your own Sarah space, huh? Just like your studio. Well, we went hiking in Canyonlands once and found the coolest little cairn gallery - a cave full of cairns (rock piles like yours)that anyone who passed through contributed too. Wish I could find a picture. Your cute little picture brought back that happy memory.
Phew! It wears me out just thinking about all your projects! In fact, I better go take another nap. :) This will be my second for the day. Living the dream.... :)

sarah starr said...

Naps - yes, I totally understand - some days you need two.