Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Hat. Head."

"Hat. Head." That's what I tell Malcolm when I put on his hat and he says it back.

I found the Interweave Knits issue with the Helmet Hat pattern - Fall 2005 for anyone interested. The brioche stitch was something new for me, but not too tricky once I got in the rhythm.

Here is a picture with the ties added. I just picked up four stitches at the bottom of each ear flap and knit i-cords. Hat stays on. Mom and Malcolm are happy. I took this picture yesterday. Look how warm it was for January in Cleveland. He really only needed a sweater. I think this must mean we will get dumped on soon, and then again in March.

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Ammie said...

He is so stinkin' cute! Thanks for the hat pattern info. (I may just come over and borrow it from you sometime... in the not-so-near future! I feel busy!)