Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my new year

We turn, not older with years, but newer every day.
Emily Dickinson

We celebrated at Presti's, a little bakery-cafe-deli in Little Italy. Yum. I wish I had taken my camera, their cookie display was a work-of-art.
Since my birthday is two short weeks from New Years I always find myself easing into the new year rather than having it start off with a BANG. My resolutions have been mulling and are beginning to take shape in my life. These are the gifts I'm giving to myself this year.
1. Morning routine. *I've started a little morning routine for myself that I quite enjoy. It includes lighting a candle, starting some water in the tea pot for hot chocolate or herbal tea, writing, stretching, and looking out the window (in the warmer months I'll step out side). If I can do this before Boy wakes, it means I've had some of my own thoughts before changing a diaper. I've found this to be very good for me.*
2. Take a family vacation to a new place.
3. Fill a notebook a month. *If you want to know more what I mean, read Natalie Goldberg's book Writing Down the Bones.*
4. Grow a garden & compost.
5. Take a drawing class.
6. Dance lessons with Dave.
7. Volunteer as a reading tutor.
8. Book Club(s).
9. Knitting Circle.
I'm noting resolutions 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. for myself as well.
Here's to feeling "newer every day".

Photo taken by Sarah Palfreyman.


Ammie said...

Some of these are resolutions I also have. For some reason I usually rebel against the idea of making resolutions or goals for myself, but this month I've found one I really like: every day I have to tell someone (usually Jonathan) about one thing I did really well that day, and I have to really feel that it was good. So if I say, "My student asked me if I was a tutor, and I said, 'No, I'm not, but I'll be available to help you online often or in person if you let me know when,'" and then I admit that I feel bad for not being a tutor, that doesn't count! At least not until I convince myself that I actually handled that situation in the best way. I think this is something I need to do, and I am happy to have resolutions that are really more "gifts" to myself. I'm happy to see your nice list.

Jessie said...

I love that quote! Thanks for sharing it.

sarah p. said...

mmmm..good resolutions. love a new year. glad you liked this photo. i did too.

Annie said...

That picture makes me so happy. It also makes me realize that we desparately need a family photo. I can't wait to see you in UT soon!