Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a sister's visit

My sister Amy came in from Boston last week for a few days stay. On Thursday night we went to "Three Girls and their Buddy" where Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Shaw Colvin, and Buddy Miller sang and played. The concert was wonderful. The feeling of the night was a little like being invited to sit and listen to them jam together in a living room. That tells you a little of the spell that was cast in the vast Allen Theatre. They sat down amongst guitars and percussion instruments, taking turns playing and singing together. Each voice was unique and true. The kind of songwriting that takes you in. It was such a great night to share with my sister who helped introduce me to that music. You can read a review of the concert here.

Amy found online instructions for how to make a dress form out of duct tape. Friday night we gave it a try. She wore one of Dave's old t-shirts and I started to tape her up. Once she was in her armor of duct tape (she looked like some kind of superhero), I cut it off up the center line of her back - t-shirt and tape together. She took it home that way and now all she has to do is stuff it. This personalized dress form will be so great to have for anytime she has to alter something or when she wants to sew for herself. It was too late so we couldn't make mine. We'll have to plan another trip for that. This was a good sisterly activity - not something you can do with just anyone. She was there to help me give birth and I was there to make her body cast of of tape. It's nice to get to know each other in these strange ways now that we are adults. When we were done with the dress form, the attic filled with the smell of duct tape, we watched a little TV with big bowls of Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Malcolm and Amy had some time to play and he showed her all around the Children's Museum. He was delighted by her. You could just see it in the way he would look at her. Dave had to work a lot, but we met him for dinner at the hospital the night he was on call. We were sad to see her go, but glad for the time to connect.


Ammie said...

That's very precious. Malcom has great, adoring eyes. I am sure Amy loved it! Hey--cool idea about the dress-forms. LOL--I can see why you wouldn't make one with just anybody!

Annie said...

That would have been a wonderful concert. Next time, I'll have join you. Did EmmyLou sing about the little bird?