Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a basket full of hearts

Rubbing my eyes from the journey back home yesterday, I realize, "tomorrow is Valentine's Day!" There is nothing like traveling to put you in a time warp. So among loads of wash and wiping down sawdust (Dave and friends mostly finished sanding down our floors while Malcolm and I were in Utah), I'll be cutting out a few hearts.

Tomorrow is also special because it is my sister Megan's birthday! She is going to be 31! Last week during my visit we got to make these valentines together for her special needs activity night. She cranked out the hearts with the diecut and then wrote out her name 30 times. I was the gluer.

I found this basket in the basement to hold the valentines. It brought back memories of when my mom and aunt Paula had gotten themselves into weaving these baskets - the dying, soaking in wading pools, and all.

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Natalie Sue said...

Oh, I just love Megan. And I quite enjoyed the special treatment I got last monday of her scratching my prego belly. I wonder why that is so nice when you are pregnant? lol. She is so great. I love how happy she is to see ya! It always makes me happy too. Happy Birthday to her!