Friday, February 1, 2008

Joseph Alleman "following his heart"

Art of the West magazine has featured the work of my brother in the JAN/FEB issue. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself this month, go by yourself to your B&N or Borders bookstore, order something warm to drink (you better throw in a cookie too), and pick up Art of the West to read this article. It is well written and looking at the paintings will make you feel a lot better about the bleak coldness of February, I promise. After reading the article I was thinking about how Joe has been true to his work: "following his heart". As a younger sister I would want to watch him paint over his shoulder. He never was mean or told me to leave, but I did sense that my being there was interrupting something, so I would leave on my own. As his artistic talents continued to manifest themselves there were a lot of opinions and suggestions from family and friends about what direction he should take is art, subjects, and pallets. He wouldn't say much to this. He would politely listen, but then he would pick up his tools and create what was in him. So go, you don't even have to buy the magazine. Read it, let me know what you think.


Ammie said...

:) I haven't bought the magazine yet, but it's nice to read of your brother's journey to following his heart and being himself. I think we all struggle to learn what we want or how to defend it. I like hearing success stories.

Lindsey said...

I clicked on the link to your brother's website awhile ago. I keep going back and looking at his work. I absolutely love it. I am hoping one day (i.e. when I have a house) that I can have one hanging on my wall. He's so talented. And so are you!