Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Malcolm helped me stamp Valentines yesterday. I don't know if you can tell, but they say "heart".

Thanks for the flowers Dave. I put them in a vase made by my sister Megan and aunt Paula. They call themselves "Three Hands Pottery". They make an "amazing team".

I don't think it can get much more romantic (food wise) than chocolate dipped strawberries. (I used the chocolate you sent home with me, Mom, thanks!)

AND, Happy Birthday Megan. Here is your present that is on it's way to you. It's an apron you can wear when you go to pottery with Paula. It has three pockets for your clay tools and stamps. I used red, your "favorite", for the ties and flower.


Linda said...

Wow, Sarah, thanks bunches, I love my apron. You go my wedding. Wow, you posted our valentines on your blog. Cut more paper next time Ok? I miss you come again. Malcolm come too. I lova you.

Linda said...

My goodness Sarah, you really hit the ground running! Valentines, romantic dinner and apron for Megan. Your mother is VERY impressed! The apron came yesterday and it is darling! You are such a clever girl! We have been missing you and Malcolm so much!

Ammie said...

I love the apron!