Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I love my fabric bowl

I bought this fabric coil bowl, way back when, at an art and gift show on my last trip to Utah. I love the colors, the stitching, the fabric edges, the shape. The maker of this happy thing is Jen of Sparrow Originals. Right now it is my nest for left over Easter chocolate and jelly beans. Looking back through past photos and I remembered that I had wanted to share this find.
I also came across this photo.

It's a snap shot I took on that trip of a BIG spool of cording sitting in my mother's work space. I love this image for several reasons.
- It reminds me that my mom tends to buy good things in BULK.
- I love that it was the perfect resting spot for her shoes that day.
- It is evidence of my mom being a doer, a maker, a creater.
- And I wonder, "What will be made of all that cording?" Maybe piping for pillows or an upholstered cushion/chair/couch. Maybe she will make bowls. (Maybe this will be my inheritance.)
- This photo says it all. (I love you mom.)


Jen said...

thank you so much! it's always fun to learn where my little creations end up :)

glad you enjoy it!


cameron said...


that bowl sums YOU up-it is totally original and really fun to look at and I am sure really fun to be in the same room with too!! You are too cool!


AC said...

Ok, so your fabric bowl made me think of these bowls I've seen, made out of magazines...check them out, here's the link: