Monday, August 25, 2008

metal objects


{metal wall mount organizer $3.00 at the Greek Festival Flea Market}

Dave and I got out on a real date Saturday. The weekend before Malcolm joined us at The Feast in Little Italy, but, the Greek Festival was just for the two of us, hand in hand, sharing a Baklava Sunday - how romantic. We found some great treasures at the extensive flea market in the basement of the Greek church. We had some good laughs in the "electronic room" where they were selling HUGE VCR players (with dials & all) and packs of the old school floppy disks along with out-dated computers and heavy "portable" lights (like for camping). That's where I spotted the metal wall mount, I instantly saw potential. My guess is that it was used for time cards? It weighs a ton. I wish we had a scale so I could tell you how much. Built to last, right? Anyway, I think it will be perfect for sorting/filing a few things that I want to have out but not stacked on my desk. Because it's metal I'll be able to play around with some magnets, oh the fun! I'm going to have Dave hang it for me because he has special skills like that. I love how it looks paired with the small etching and gray mat, a Joseph Alleman original.


{metal mini planters, lost in the garage, now found, my beginner's attempt at an herb window sill}


Annie said...

Such an eye...

Jessie said...

I agree with Annie.

I've been trying to find somewhere cute but efficient to put my bills during that time I hang onto them before they're paid. It needs to be smallish, and in a place I walk by often, but that guests don't walk by often. So far, I place them on my dresser, and they look...less than cute. Any cheap and brilliant ideas? Something like that metal filing thingy would be good, but alas, where can I get such a Sarah find?
I suppose I'll have to check out the sad, sad pickings at garage sales in "The Brig" (not as cool as "The Cleve").