Thursday, August 28, 2008

nie nie day & "I love my life" posts

It's Nie Nie Day. Spread the word and celebrate with all the amazing auctions up plus 3 more hosted by Design Mom. Reading Nie Nie Dialogues you can tell she is someone who truly loves life and adores her family. Presently she and her husband are in a long recovery from a plane crash. How wonderful that all the money from the auctions will go straight to a fund for their family. Sweet. The support out there is swelling. So in the spirit of Nie Nie, love your life, love your family, and celebrate.
I think all the silent auctions go through the weekend, so you'll want to check back often.

In honor of nie nie let's gather some "I love my life" posts. Simple, post on your blog under the title "I love my life" and fill in the rest. Let me know about your post via email or in the comments. I'll gather up all Love Life Links for a big juicy post next Thursday. We are all in this together, we should never forget that. Good? Good.


sarah gann said...

Did it.

Hatsuho said...

check my blog :) I didn't have time to bid on anything yesterday, hopefully I will this weekend!