Monday, August 18, 2008


Where has this summer gone? Really, it feels like a blur. Now that I can feel the air changing from Summer into Fall, this little thank you post is way over due. Way back in JUNE I won this wonderful Design Mom Random Giveaway featuring a Binth Baby Book from Tiny McSmall AND a handmade doll (I went for the cat-doll) of my picking from Persimmon & Pink. I feel like the word "won" is a little out of place here. I did nothing put place a little comment. Now, those Olympians I've been watching, they have to really work for their wins. It makes me feel like I should put on some running shoes or something. My happy packages arrived at my doorstep and I did a little dance for each one. I know, I know, I am a lucky one.

Thank You Tiny McSmall, the book is beautiful. Thank You Persimmon & Pink, my cat is full of charm & character. THANK YOU Design Mom, did I mention... you rock!

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Annie said...

Wow! What a great win.