Thursday, August 21, 2008

paint chip bookmark how to:

1) Gather paint chips of all colors (free at your local hardware/paint shop).
2) Cut, embellish, and stick in a book of your choosing.
{I like to leave some of the paint color names showing: morning sun, refresh, cloudless, splashy.}

It's that time again, time to start up the book clubs after a little summer break. The air is changing to that magical mix of summer heat and autumnal cool. I'm not one for huge summer reading lists. I just don't seem to get much reading done in the summer. But now, now that it is all sharpen your pencils and get back to school time, I am so in the mood. Our little neighborhood book club met last night. We talked books way past bed time and put together our monthly reads for the coming 10 months. It was so much fun, I really am a sucker for such gatherings. For me book club nurtures both my introvert self, the one who wants to curl up with a good read, and my extrovert self, the one who wants to connect with other women and share ideas that go beyond child care, home repairs, work, or weather.

Our book for September is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, a book that I have read and wouldn't mind picking up again. It is a memoir but reads like fiction. The other book club I read with is doing a little Harry Potter marathon. We'll discuss books 1-4 for September and 5-7 for October. My one summer read was one Dave and I read aloud together. All the Way Home: Building a Family in a Falling-Down House by David Giffels. Within the 1st paragraphs Dave was moved to tears of laughter. To say the book really struck a chord with us is almost an understatement. It felt like everything we have been going through just on a much larger, falling down scale. It made me grateful for things that I hadn't thought of before, like the fact that our house isn't infused with the smell of cat urine.

I think I'll be adding a side bar of books that I currently reading for myself, for book clubs, with Dave, and to the Boy. That way this blog doesn't turn into book review, but you can get a peek at what might be stacked around the house, waiting on my night stand, slipped in my bag, or rocking in a chair. Does that interest anyone?


sarah gann said...

I've done that on my blog from the beginning and people have said it inspired them to pick up a book. So go for it!

Jenilee said...

Please list your books. I have read many good books that were recommended by you. We miss you guys.

sarah starr said...

Did I mention I felt like a librarian stamping these? How appropriate.