Monday, August 11, 2008

plans for tonight

pay bills
watch some Olympics


Jenilee said...

I am loving the Olympics. I am also planning on knitting tonight. We can knit together (if we forget about the hundreds of miles between us). I am finishing an afghan for us.

Annie said... write. work on a new quilt....did I say new? By the way, I finally finished Miriam's quilt. It is on her bed right now!!!

Natalie Sue said...

Hey, I can do two of those things too! Pay bills and watch Olympics..but I cannont knit. Dang.

Jessie said...

Go to home depot, fix the fence (maybe I'll just let the men do that), clean, watch some Olympics, and some King of Queens when Olympics gets all talky, go to Walmart...again (I hate that store, but it's all we have in this neck of the woods).
I think your evening sounds better.