Monday, April 21, 2008

peas & beans

Happy Monday everyone.
Here are two pictures from Friday that I wanted to share.

{planting beans and peas}
Malcolm helps me water them with his little .25 cent watering can when he wakes from nap.

{Oh, this boy makes me so happy.}

We are hoping to make room for some more gardening this week. I picked up this book which has been helpful. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Our family had a little of "this and a little of that" over the weekend. (If you know what I mean.) I've decided I am going to be waking up with Dave in the mornings. Since he has to leave for the hospital at 5:25AM I wrote out a schedule working back from that time and figured our alarms need to ring at 4:40AM. We gave it a shot this morning and as early as it was it worked beautifully. Dave was able to get ready while I fixed him some oatmeal (my specialty) and packed some lunch. I had some peach tea and we were able to visit a little. We worked in 10 minutes for him to get geared up for the bike ride and he left with a kiss right on time. I then had a few hours before Malcolm woke which I filled with some writing, a little cleaning, some yoga, and a hot bath. With these early early bird mornings (that are new to me, not to Dave) we are going to do better about getting to bed sooner. The target is Dave and Sarah in pj's by 8:30, bed by 9:00PM. That's our plan for the standard work weekday. I will allow myself to stay up late for special nights such as book club, but only because I can catch a power nap during the day while Malcolm sleeps. Wish us luck.


sarah gann said...

Every woman I know has decided to do this since the time change. Even my nutty friend Sally, who apparently gets up at 5:30 every day. I set a goal for 6:00. I have to admit it's more like 6:30. But it's better than getting woken up by the kids, which means I'm already 3 hours behind.

Jenilee said...

What a great goal Sarah. It sound like you have some wonderful time with Dave and with yourself. Good Luck!

Natalie said...

You're amazing Sarah! I bet your day goes much better when you get up early, I just can't bring myself to do it. I constantly feel like I'm behind all day though. I should probably try it too but man, I'm so not a morning person! Good luck!

Ammie said...

Good luck! We are trying to do something similar at our house by waking up by 7:00, and even that's hard! LOL! I hope you feel good.

Annie said...

Yeah! A garden. I'm glad you got your fingers in the dirt.