Monday, April 7, 2008

Make Way for Spring

Today in warm sunshine my quest was to clear out dead leaves and such from this little strip of earth. Out with the old and up with the new. The previous owner planted all sorts of wonderful things. I am looking forward to discovering the life that is here as it unveils itself. Welcome spring! My favorite tool of the day is my rake. My favorite accessory, my straw hat.

Check out the big pile I cleaned out. The compost heap will be so happy. Yes, I'm getting some serious excitement over this.


JustNanandSamIam said...

Don't you just love spring! We have little flowers coming as well! I'm excited to see what the previous owners of our house planted- since I didn't get around to it last year! I've missed reading your blogs!

the palfreymans said...

great photos. you're a natural.

Jenilee said...

Seeing your flowers come up makes me smile. I am so excited for spring to come and bring some color to our world.