Tuesday, April 1, 2008

kitchen duty

To be sung to the tune of "I Love the Mountains", sung to me as a child by my mother.
"I love the dishes, I love the pots and pans, I love the silverware, I love dishwater hands, I love to do them all after every meal. Kitchen duty, kitchen, duty kitchen duty, kitchen duty."

(Doing the dishes is usually my least favorite chore, probably because after I've just enjoyed a yummy meal - one that I most likely prepared - I'd rather not stand at the sink. Dave is most often the dishwasher. Our dishwasher has been out of commission for a few weeks now (the actual dishwasher - not Dave) and on several occasions I've had to dip in my ore. I've found that if I slow down, put on some good music, sing along, get my grove on, enjoy the warm water, and take interest in the form and color of the dishes - I can find beauty.)


Ammie said...

How funny! (And also poetic, as your posts often are.) I like the song. I am glad to see you online again.

Jenilee said...

That is one way to see the good in one of the never ending chores. Thanks.

Annie said...

That is definately a mom song. Now that I'm a mom, I can appreciate that my mom broke out into song a lot. You just need to sing sometimes.

Jessie said...

Hey, Little Starr, good to see you blogging again.
I hate dishes, too, but I always find I'm hypnotized by the water running and the motions of washing.

AC said...

I hate dishes too! And also, taking out the trash...but that's a topic for another day! I've missed your updates!