Monday, September 22, 2008

bringing out the Color Kid in me

{Rainbow Bright Meet the Color Kids coloring book with a RAINBOW PENCIL!}
This came in the mail Saturday sent from my sweet sister-in-law Sara O. A. in far-away Richmond, Utah. It was completely unexpected and has had me grinning since. After opening the package, I sat right down on my doorstep with Malcolm showing him the wonders of the rainbow pencil, and colored. It was a perfect surprise, and, when I was wondering about such things, a good reason to keep blogging. In small ways this blog keeps me connected to my far-away-family&friends. (I love you all.)

I had to include Sara's hand written note. Isn't it amazing? This is her everyday hand writing - for reals. It is so put-together, peaceful, and pretty - very fitting. (Thanks Sara, I'll color a picture just for YOU.)

(And if you are wondering this is "Happy Man".

Thanks to Malcolm I have it memorized to my core.)

Here is a Rainbow Bright refresher course, and, because I'm curious about such things, what Color Kid are you?
"The Color Kids help me [Rainbow Bright] keep the world colorful and happy! We live in Rainbow Land in the Color Castle. We gather Star Sprinkles and use them to color the world!"
_Red Butler
_LaLa Orange
_Canary Yellow
_Patty O'Green
_Buddy Blue
_Shy Violet


Annie said...

hmmm... I think lala orange or canary yellow.

Sam loves the happy man!

Natalie Sue said...

Oh, I love Rainbow Brite...and the colored pencils!! I am so happy to know they are still around. What a cute Sara sister in law!