Friday, September 12, 2008

[Friday Family]

My family of the past week:

{Who will help me grind the wheat?}
Is this an idealized blog moment or what? Oh well, it happened, it was simple and wonderful and lucky for me Dave took a picture so I can always remember. I love Malcolm in his apron - not to be mistaken for a dress.

{building blocks}
-"Malcolm, I have to make dinner."
-"Mommm, PLAY! Mom, play."

{Dave & his demolition, making the most of a day off}
He calls it "dustless". (See how he is holding the vacuum attachment?) Hmmm. At least he seems to know what he's doing.

{drum set}
This boy has a hero, Harry Belafonte.


Jenilee said...

Malcolm is looking so grown up. We sure miss you guys. What a sweet moment with Malcolm. It is those sweet moments that keep me going.

Annie said...

Love your little kitchen helper.

Jessie said...

That first picture makes me happy. You are seriously the most fun and clever mom, lucky little Malcolm.

rachaeljanae said...

My kids are fascinated with the wheat grinder. I use it regularly, but they still all get up on the counter and watch as the wheat slowly gets sucked in. Who would have thought?

Natalie Sue said...

Sarah, everything you do is so great! I'm aspiring to be like you. I love all the things Malcolm does with you. He's such a cute boy.