Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[Wednesday Write Along]

topic: I write

Write along with me.
Take this any way you like: why, how, what, for, who, when, where...
If you post on your blog, leave a comment so we can link over. My I write post will be here in the morning.

(Cleaning out, I found that glass pen. My mom and sister brought it to me from Italy. So pretty. I have yet to use it. I'll have to get some ink and give it a try. It is resting on my 15 yr. old journal that was also unearthed. Very uncomfortable to read. Yikes!)


Ammie said...

What a pretty pen. :) Last week I found another high school journal (loose leaf paper bound binder style) and three boxes (shoeboxes, kleenex boxes, etc.) full of letters from friends. The letters are sweet, but somehow I don't care to open the journal. :) I got as far as browsing pictures I'd drawn growing up, and was glad to realize that over the years my artistic talent has actually increased, which is opposite of what I thought. :) That's a nice thought, that growth occurs even when we spend considerably less time on something.

Natalie Sue said...

Oh goodness.. those old journals. I would love to read yours though! lol. Do you remember that journal entry I told you that I wrote about? It was a while ago...and the entry was from when we were 6 or so. I just drew a picture of our little primary class giving our sharing time. We had that teacher with the long dark hair. In the picture she was helping me at the microphone. And next to the microphone was you and Dirk, holding hands, with hearts drawn on your clothes. Oh, I love it! I should scan it and send it to you. I even had your in your cute freckles!