Tuesday, September 9, 2008

[Tuesday TO DO]

It is dark this morning. Gray. It started with some rain, which I don't mind, but, now the clouds are just hanging around. Will the sun come out today? I just don't know. You get days like that here in the Cleve. And, it can get sort of, um, depressing. (Although, I must say that yesterday was gorgeous, sunny, just right, perfect, I want to seal in a jar and store for days like to day kind of weather.) SO here's a sampling of today's TO DO:

_ settle on a shade of yellow for the living room walls, (Yellow, it turns out, can be a very complex color.), (Is this an over reaction to the gray days?), (I don't know.)
_ take the boy out for lunch &
milk shake
_ light a yummy candle
_ put on some sunny tunes
_ order this

---update 3:30 p.m.:
Sun's out!
_ get out and enjoy it


Annie said...

The clouds are hanging out at our house today.

Jessie said...

We enjoy the clouds, since Utah so rarely sees them. I find that rainy days seem to match my mood no matter what it is, but cloudy days are much less satisfying than a cleansing downpour.

I'm also considering yellowing up a room or two! What fun.