Thursday, September 4, 2008

write along: I Love My Life

Thanks for writing along friends. Each one made me smile.

Sarah G.

You can still write along. Just let me know and I'll add a link to your post here.
Get ready, there will be more write alongs to come.


Jen I said...

You know, I really wanted to support you in this. Really I did. I have issues though because I'm just not sure I feel like that right now. And you know my personality - I couldn't say something I didn't fully believe. It's that brutal honesty. But there are things about my life I love for sure, just not sure this is my favorite time. Such a dilemma. I emailed you at a gmail account. Do you check it? I was so glad to read your post on the subject though! I know, if I said it, I would believe it more. Much love!

Natalie Sue said...

Sarah! I've been meaning to do this post! I will do it now, I promise. I love reading your blog. I'd love to comment more but I'm usually holding one or two babies. :)