Tuesday, September 2, 2008


There was serious neglect of the garden for a few months. We even started referring to it as the secret garden. Secret as in, we - the supposed gardeners - didn't even know it was there. Do you catch my drift? We had some casualties, but I like to refer to them as learning experiences: pumpkin, radish, spinach, broccoli, and cucumber. (That poor cucumber plant. It tried so hard. It was holding on, it even produced one cucumber, but it was a sad cucumber, sad, sad, sad. We left it there for awhile, but one day I made it disappear, it was just too sad. The next time I was out there with Malcolm he said "Where's the sad cucumber? Did it run away?" Later at the dinner table he brought it up again with a confused, adult look on his face, "sad cucumber".) But look what pulled through, trusty, tasty tomatoes. The main reason I grow a garden - for the tomatoes!!! The cherry tomatoes never make it to the table, Malcolm makes sure of that as he picks and gobbles them up right in the garden.




Honoring the tomatoes on the cake plate is dramatic, but it is nothing compared to the dreamy, white, cast iron, tomato stand that they set up on the corner of La Dolce Vita in Little Italy. I want it to disappear and then reappear in my dining room. I promise to share a picture when I take one. I won't steal the tomato stand, but I will take a picture. Thanks tomates for growing! We love you, then we eat you.


jksfam said...

I hope we get some more soon. Maybe I should go water the garden!

Hatsuho said...

those look beautiful! one of our neighbors is letting us come pick some tomatoes tonight, i'm so excited!

Annie said...

I discovered some tomatoes on our counter last night. A little tomato-fairy left them there for us. It's nice to have neighbors with a garden. Now, what to do with our tomatoes. Oooohhhh, we should try the apple-tomato pie recipe from our book.

sarah starr said...

Yes Annie, I want to hear how the pie turns out. Yumm.

Natalie said...

I know all about sad gardens! Justin and I planted our first garden this year and it's been a learning experience! We planted a little late which didn't help! We have gotten some beans out of it and I was able to can them! Only 1 of our tomato plants survived and we have 1 tiny little green tomato on it! We'll see if it makes it! Happy Gardening!