Tuesday, September 2, 2008

mess & order

Things are a little messy again round these parts.

That's what happens when you start pulling things out of an attempt to put them in order. I've regrouped to the point where you can see the floor, but every other surface is covered. It's called clean out. It is nothing like the exciting task of placing color in cubbies. This is all the extra, things with out home, useful things mixed in with not-so-useful things. You know what it's like, I know I'm not alone in this. But look - my metal chairs are now grape leaf green (Behr). There is progress. That was a nice distraction from the clean out. (Just like the few minutes I'm spending typing this all out for you - distraction, procrastination, call it what you like). But. Remember this, it always gets messier before it gets better. That's why follow through is key. Don't stop in the mess. (Notes to self.)

The calling out for order in this house is catching. Yesterday I pulled out everything from the dining room cabinets and made them pretty with dishes. ONLY dishes, no CD player, no CDs, no office supplies in the mix. Oh, and I color coded again. I can't help myself, I am a Punky Brewster-Rainbow Bright girl at heart.

While we're on the subject of creating a little order... I'm going to be ship-shaping this blog too. Don't worry, nothing too fancy, just some labels and some structure built in (kind of like "days of the week" undies - I'm trying to remember if I ever owned a set of those).
Good luck with your own mess & order, I'd better get back to mine.


(Oh, did you catch the zebra? It was on our porch when we got back from our summer UT/ID trip. We were like "what the - -?" Turns out, neighbors across the street were throwing it out and the neighbor down the street saw it, thought of us, and rescued it. A zebra on our porch, a nice welcome home, it was. It is usually hanging out in Malcolm's room, but sometimes he likes to ride it - only he pretends he's driving a garbage truck - and it ended up in my room.)


Jessie said...

Aw, Punky. I loved her so. Louie's never even seen that show!

I did notice and love the zebra.

Annie said...

I wish my messes looked as charming as your messes(which include a zebra and green chairs).

Sarah Starr said...

Yes, Annie, I do try to only share my "charming messes" on the blog :). Hee hee.