Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Power's back.
I won't be posting this week though.

I'm thinking about compost.

What are you thinking about?



Natalie Sue said...

I love your posts from last week! And I'd love to write along wednesdays...even though I can't be linked to everyone else since the blog is private...but I can be linked to you. I'll look for it next week...

Jessie said...

I think about compost more than you might think, and I haven't even taken the plunge yet. I admire you. I saw a cool little machine on the History Channel that makes compost right in your kitchen without stinking up the house. I think my hesitation in starting my own heap is the knowledge that this machine exists. I wonder how much it costs, and if it's available to buy.

I'm also thinking about chocolate soy milk (it was only $2.15 at WalMart, so I indulged).

Also, I'm hungry.

Annie said...

mmmmm, a nap would be nice. I think I'll go have one right now.